Friday, 22 August 2014

How To Creat A New Blog In Blogger


It is a website which provide opportunities for people to write on any their selected events or topics that is concerned to them, usually with photos and   links to other websites which they find interesting.

All along new comer face difficulties in making their personal blogs on internet, which will be viewed by most of the people and it will help them to communicate with each other .Now it is the time to get rid of these sorts of problems which do not let you to go forward in this regard.

First and the most important thing about blogging is that it provides a lot of themes on which on can easily write. Among those themes you will select that topic where you can easily explore your ideas and information otherwise you will come across difficulties. After writing your awesome topic will inspire the people to whom you are writing if your written material is attractive to the people, than your work will be shown on the top of the list.

Another thing related to blogging is the selection of account where you will select either or .Most of the bloggers choice is as it is free of cost. If you want yourself not in frustration, then you must have awareness about the pros and cones of using the above chosen tool. As is the easiest and well working version as compared to therefore it gives a professional look as well if you have worked effectively.

On comparison between and it is in our knowledge that a blogger  has to invest on unlike .Additionally it expect the blogger to be enough skilled and available on net almost all the time which is impossible. It now cleared the difference between the above mentioned blogs.
To create a new blog follow the simple steps below
step 1
Step 2
Start a Blog on Blogger Step 2.jpg
Start a Blog on Blogger Step 3.jpg 
Start a Blog on Blogger Step 4.jpg




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