Friday, 5 September 2014

Computers being an exploring device has its adventages and disadventages dopanding upon its usage.

Computer with its advantages, disadvantages and usage 
Computers are the electronic machines. They are gradually but steadily creeping into our lives. Our work and complex including our thinking has been changed by computers Now-a days computers are used in several fields. Even bills are prepared by computers. Today scientists, doters, engineers, musicians, accountants, teachers, soldiers, businessmen, bankers and almost everybody belonging to any field of life are using them in their day to day work.
It has made our life very easy and simple, we read our required books and newspapers through net. One can easily predict its fast nourishment in few years. We will come into contact with this fast and brilliant electronic Brain in every institution and organization, on the way to and from work and in the home.
The most effective, accurate and comprehensive devices are computers and nothing else today, they are our means of acquiring knowledge on any topic. We can easily get access to the most popular libraries of any corner of the world through computers. We can communicate with someone in the world by sitting in front of computer. By using internet we can get a huge amount of information including text, graphics, sound and video in any part of the world. We send and receive emails with the help of computers.Similarly we can chat with others on line and enjoy a life.  Although chatting is considered as wastage of time but sometimes it brings peace in the minds of distressed and unhappy people, and they entertain themselves through chatting.
Besides giving knowledge it is the source of pleasure.We play games and learn about something.Interesting games help children to learn different languages and scientific facts.They learnt how to make fantastic graphs, animation and sound at the touch of finger through computers.Some splendid computers let children play foe a long time and learn something related to their thoughts.The day is near when we will have computers in place of teachers. It on one hand benefits us and on the other hand does all work,  and because of this unemployment rate increases. 
Most countries like America, Britain and France have computerized themselves by making every thing accurate and precise which saves their time, money and energy .But in our country this is not encouraging yet. Government has not so far opened institutions where students can get computer education nor has it provided proper jobs to the computer experts. The thing which is worth mentioning here is that we should make our efforts to enhance computer knowledge by using and spreading computer education with the help of our available resources in our country. The most and immediate step should be taken is that introduction of computer as a compulsory subject all levels in schools, colleges and universities.


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